IPS eMax Veneers

       Fractured or discoloured teeth or slightly malpositioned teeth can be easily and quickly treated with veneers. Veneers are thin «laminates» made of ceramic, which are attached to the tooth and which – unlike crowns – do not cover the entire tooth. Only a small amount of tooth structure is ground away for veneers. The completed restoration is as true-to-nature in appearance as your neighbouring teeth.
      IPS e.max is a modern allceramic system which is characterized by a few, coordinated, metal-free materials. Depending on the defect that needs to be repaired, your dentist will choose a material with the required strength from which a framework for the tooth replacement is fabricated. After the all-ceramic framework has been constructed, the dental technician covers or “veneers” it with a special ceramic material. Regardless of the framework material used, the material that covers it is always the same. Therefore, two or more IPS e.max restorations perfectly match each other in colour. IPS e.max is ideally suitable for bridges and crowns.  IPS e.max Lithium Disilicate